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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  July 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a solid red line in both directions. this is just building. this is best to avoid route 50 in virginia. leon: today the f.b.i. recommended no charges be filed against hillary clinton. but the final decision whether or not to charge the presumptive nominee will lie with the dedepartment -- department of justice. scott thuman has more. scott: the question is the impact it will have with the voters when they go to the polls in november. that is the topic of the instapoll at but before we show you the live results look at how we got here. >> we are expressing our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. scott: comey said they combed through 30,000 e-mails
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in december of 2014. of those, 52 different chains were found to contain classified information. eight of those chains had information considered top secret when it was sent. 36 had information considered secret. eight confidential. >> there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case. scott: reaction started streaming in with donald trump tweeting -- house speaker paul ryan issued a statement -- for clinton herself, she spent the afternoon campaigning in north carolina with president obama. even flying to charlotte with the com
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she didn't mention the suspect at a rally an hour ago. how will it play out in the court of public opinion come november? >> there are sigh of relief in the state headquarters across america. sighs of frustration amongst republicans. scott: director comey wanted to make sure the f.b.i. was transparent in how it conducted the investigation. >> only facts matter. the f.b.i. found them here in apolitical and professional way. >> donald trump didn't have any public events scheduled today. you can bet he will be talking about it when he appears in raleigh in two hours. michelle: one thing that director comey did touch on in the announcement is the lack of what he says security culture at the state department. jeff goldberg has that side. jeff: this is something that comey said came in the crs
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of the clinton investigation. for a government agency on a daily basis is dealing with allies and the enemies around the globe this rebuke could serve as a wake-up call. >> there is evidence they were careless. >> despite comey's recommendation not to indict hillary clinton, his criticisms of clinton and her team. >> there is evidence they were extremely careless. >> punctuated with a harsh agency of the agency she ran. >> we developed evidence that the security culture of the state department in general and with respect to the use of unclassified systems in particular was lacking for the care of classified information found elsewhere in the u.s. government. >> concerns that the foreign nation state or other actors could have gotten access to the e-mails given the lack of security. >> the director of homeland security in george mason and worked in cyber security in the bush administration and says congress must act fast to
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department whose system was infiltrated by russian hackers two years ago is far more careful with sensitive information. >> if we don't protect the information well it could cause problems for the nation as a matter of the relationship and the national security in general. jeff: late this afternoon, the state department pushing back on comey's claims. >> before we look for ways to improve and we'll continue to look for ways to improve. we don't share that there is a lax culture here. jeff: he was pressed by reporters for details in response to comments but said the state department will not comment on the security clearances of individuals or specifics of what they found today. leon: developing now a former national guardsman is facing charges
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mohamed jalloh. they say he was contemplating a forthood terror attack. he quit the military after hearing lectures from a radical clerk. we have more tonight at 6:00. michelle: the stormwatch7 team is tracking the start of a heatwave. doug hill will be here with a check on the forecast. it's getting toasty here. >> it is. the humidity levels are up. that is a trend for the next few days. not much lighting but there is downpours. most of that should stay south of the metro area. good news for the outdoor dining in the metro area. watch for the showers and the storms as a possibility tonight. it's muggy and isolated showers in the forecast overnight. for the day tomorrow. the same
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the lows tonight 72 to 78. warmer than the highs yesterday. a look ahead for the next several days in a couple of minutes. >> big difference. thank you. this just in the newsroom. virginia is getting $165 in federal grant to help with congestion on interstate 95. but that is less than the $200 million gor mcauliffe asked for but still enough to help with the proposed atlantic gateway project. that will build 14 miles of new railroad track and extend express lanes along i-95 to fredericksburg and a new bridge across the happ -- rappahannock river. today the congressional delegation announced a $90 million fast lane granted to help with the repairs to the arlington memorial bridge. that will help planning so the construction can begin next year. they are still looking for another $250 million
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federal government. leon: a woman stabbed several times and left to die in her own front yard. they believe they found the man they believe who did it and then stole the woman's car from windsor road in lexington park. maryland bureau chief brad bell picks up the story from there. betty brisco clutches a picture of her husband. three hours after her cousin cecilia stubbs was murdered in front of her own lexington park home. the pain is fresh. >> i mean, she was a sweet person. she wouldn't hurt nobody. she would do what she can for anyone. a sweet; loving person. >> someone brings card and balloons for the grieving family to ease the sudden unexpected heartache of a violent death. >> why would someone do something this bad to someone
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so loveable. >> she had come out of her car to go to work as a care-giver when she was attacked. the man pulled her from the car, slitting her throat, stabbing her multiple times and driving away in the victim's car. the suspect 51-year-old patrick bush the life long friend of stubs with a long criminal history. bush sending a taunting text about the murder to stubbs' brother before being captured. >> this is no joke. >> patrick bush behind bars tonight. in lexington park, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: we have new information on the ice cream truck drive shot last night in edmonston, maryland.
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the victim shot nine times by gunman who wanted to rob him. friends of the victim say he worked at comcast and sold ice cream to make money for the family still back home in west africa. police are still searching for the shooters. >> the trial of brian rice will start on thursday. that is the next baltimore police officer charged in death of freddie gray. like two of the three officers before him he wants a bench trial. the judge ruled today that prosecutors committed another discovery violation, this time turning over 4,000 parages of documents related to the training of rice days before trial. the evidence cannot be used in the bench trial. michelle: this is a story you first saw on 7. today a woman trying to poison a coworker at a beauty salon pleaded guilty. chris papst is live in rockville. chris: ten days is how much
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in jail after pleading guilty in the kir circuit court. for poisoning the coworker. it's a charge that could bring upward of 20 years. this video right here went viral when it came out in october. in the video ku -- you can see lemonfield putting a skin care drying lotion in the victim's water bottle. the victim sofia cruz drank it and went to the hospital. lemonfield's attorney says she was not trying to kill the coworker, just trying to get back toer. she was in a month long fight. lemonfield blamed cruz for spitting in her lunch so she did this in retaliation. this is what the attorney said following the ruling and then followed by the state's attorney office.
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anything serious. she did it to get back at what was done to her. >> the judge makes the final call. he saw fit sending the message for the trail time to move forward is the way to go. >> the victim was in court today. in addition to the ten days in jail she will have 18 months of probation. live in rockville, chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- protecting the grid. a look at how vulnerable we could be if terror's get electromagnetic bomb. leon: plus -- a lit
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out. reaction that pbs revealed you weren't seeing last night's fireworks in the capitol fourth show. michelle: later, unclaimed coins. the item investigates what happens to all that money left behind at airport security. >> is this part of your normal commute? if you are used to take the train why you want to
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michelle: the man shot by an m.b.d. officer last night died from the injuries. they were investigating reports of fireworks on 49th street before 11:00 when the officer noticed the victim holding a gun. leon: covering metro and plans for the next phase of the transit agency safetrack program. it starts at 8:00. thistime the yellow and the blue lines getting work. brianne carter has what you need to know. >> disruptions and delays are expected no in the days ah
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riders. metro crew bess gin phase three of the year-long maintenance overhaul. the train service will shut down and the shuttle buss will be available for riders trying to get to and from the airport. metro way, area bus rapid transit system will let you hop on for free in the seven days trains aren't running. he has to add an hour to the commute. >> i have to leave and be at work like 1:00. >> find any al
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"metro" to us at 41387. michelle: the transportation authority in philly had to sideline a hundred rail cars because thai suffered fractures and fatigue cracks. the septa trains are running late with delays of half an hour. leon: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. starbucks is going to cost you more bucks. they are raising the prices on drinks on the 12th. they raised the menu price last july. i don't hit the it will stop people going in. michelle: just think of the coffee or the lattes you can have if you win the megamillions jackpot. up to
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no one has won since march. the odds are 1 in 259 million. which is why so one has won since march. we have the winning numbers tonight at 11:00. leon: all we need is enough money to buy a big block of ice. doug: it came at us quick. now it's hot and humid and that is story for four or five days. time lapse. this is from spotsylvania county headquarters in spotsylvania. 85 now. in the afternoon they have had sunshine. downpours popped up. not in the spotsylvania. the town of. but farther south in spotsylvania county. as far as what is happening we like to use this. in the summertime with the highs and the increasing humidity levels it feels warmer than what the thermometer
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we show it by the feels like temperature. this feels like 100 degrees in fredericksburg. 91 in frederick. 97 in culpeper. 92 in annapolis as we speak. 94 at the patuxent river naval air station. we are still maintaining the showers south of the metro area. if you look at the track it's persistent out of the northwest to the southeast. that is off to the by a. isolated showers in the metro. most of these should watch out by sunset. the severe thunderstorm watch posted. at the ballpark tonight is bane weather and steamy at first pitch. 87 degrees. but the chance of rain are
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the night. the future cast suggests clearing and places of fog. through the afternoon in the tomorrow the heat and the humid. thursday and friday a better chance of the afternoon and the evening showers and the thunderstorms. with the heat and the humidity, code orange issued tomorrow. planning ahead for wednesday. it's hot and humid. slight chance of storms feeling like 100 degrees. 91, 93, pair of 95 to end the week. lower end chance of thunderstorms that are turning clear and cooler heading through sunday and
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the alexandria birthday bash saturday. 9:30 fireworks. >> somebody has to get lucky with the fireworks. major medical breakthrough could clear the way to clear the arteries. michelle: then later, fresh off his appearance at a capitol fourth. reason for smoky robinson to stick around in d.c. we have it for you coming up. leon: but first -- a chance to ask the pet experts. they will give you advice on how to handle the pet coming up. michelle: a look at what is coming up at abc7 tonight --
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and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. leon: "7 on your side" when it comes to training your pet. abc7 veterinarian dr. katie nelson is live in the help center in the phone bank and giving folks tips on how to handle the pets this summer? >> we have had all questions. today is july 5. yesterday was july 4th. today is the busiest day of the year for the animal control officers and animal shelters in the area because of pets who run away fro
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because of fireworks. we have trainers and behaviorallists to keep us tips how to keep them safe. this is an animal behaviorallist. what questions are you getting? >> leash reactivity in dogs. what to do when a dog lunge and bark. we talk about avoiding high traffic time to by pass the problem. >> teaching manners is important. the phone number is 703-236-9220. we have a room full of trainers. the veterinarian behaviorallist answering the questions. if you want to know about the kitty or guinea pig or the dog, give us a call.
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>> a bank robbery and jay korff just got on the scene. what can you tell us? >> moments ago they did what looks like a complete shut down. you can see the robotic devices. there was a bank robbery and tremendous police presence. the suspect ran out of the bank with undisclosed cash and dropped a backpack claiming it had an explosive device inside. that convinced the authorities to call in a bomb squad. there were robotic devices and we believe they made contact or are about to make initial assessment of the situation. this will lead them to do the judicious thing and shut
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area. thousands of vehicles in this area. they want to err on the side of caution. we have signature and the major traffic issues here east and westbound on route 50. the authorities are coming over and they may tell us to back off. we'll leave it at that. reporting live, fairfax county, jay korff, abc7 news. leon: jay keep us posted. in the meantime coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a payoff. a look at a nasa mission five years and 2 billion miles in the making. michelle: later, loose change. the item investigates what happens to joins at the airport security.
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fourth concert, live was not all the way live. i'll explain next on abc7
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michelle: just beautiful. people are calling this the milli vanilli of fire works. they admitted they edited in since the clouds were so low. it's tough to see the fireworks in the glory. sam ford has been getting reaction today. sam: not everyone is as sensitive about this as some of the tv people are. for tv people there is a difference between live and the prerecorded. as some of them are take part the workers continue to take apart the stage from last night's event, pbs today was sweeting out sort of apology.
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>> if you saw this images, in the "war of 1812" that might have been live. but others, forget it. >> the clouds were covering the tip of the monument. so anything going up, we saw everything go up. >> people came to see fireworks in person agreed. >> they learned that people on tv didn't see what they saw. >> they should have said something. >> what do you think? >> maybe put disclaimer. from the year it was from. >> do you blame them? >> not really. i couldn't see them. >> pbs never told the viewers they were looking at the stock footage. after complaints a tweet -- we made the decision to intercut footen from previous capitol fourth concert for the best possible television
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we apologize for any confusion it may have caused. some didn't care. >> i see fireworks might not have been correct, it doesn't offend me. >> some did. >> tell the truth. >> other than the tweet pbs has had nothing else to say. and it has not responded to a number of the remails and the voice males we have sent so -- voice mails we have sent so far. no response. michelle: thank you. probably wishing this will blow over. several others have postponed the fireworks tonight because of the weather. there is a list on leon: a person two was part of capitol fourth and now shaped sd the mowtown sound in 1960's is
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smoky robinson is going to be recipient of the award. he has writing credits on 4,000 songs and he wrote hit for musical legends including temptations and marvin gaye and he will accept the award in november. michelle: after five years in space, juneau probe has a new home around jupiter. kenneth moton explains what nasa hopes to learn about the largest planet in the solar system. reporter: the pop. the out of the world celebration where confirmation that juneau made it. >> we prepared a contingency communications procedure. >> the spacecraft is orbiting jupiter after the independence day arrival. the many moons of the planet
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the mission named joy -- >> we call it jupiter orbit insertion. >> launched five years ago. >> liftoff! tim gasparini managing it in denver says the work is just beginning. >> suanter holds keys to scientists understanding how the solar system formedded. >> it will send back data from jupiter in tough conditions. the gas giant moves fast and has intense radiation field and the gravitationm pull is strong. >> a great accomplishment from the engineering side. we look forward to what the scientists can figure out. >> after a series of tests juneau will start collecting data from jupiter in october. information hay then will unlock mysteries of mysteries oe universe. kenneth moton, abc7 news. leon: how cool is that? michelle: that is fascinating. it
5:36 pm
seen. >> we are the aliens on independence day, aliens on another planet. michelle: just like the movie. coming up ahead at 5:00 -- >> it kicks off in d.c. and how it is helping the cancer patients and the survivors coming up. >> later, trucial shooting technology and looking at the potential threat to the u.s. power grid that could leave us in the dark.
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steve: if you haven't enough for the fireworks we have more on the way. alexandria's birthday fireworks at 9:00. good deal of the clear skies and move through the late evening hours on the warm side. temperatures in the upper 70's to the lower 80's. the delmarva beaches upper 80's on friday. chance for pop-up showers and thundersto
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on sunday, we are talking about the temperatures in the middle 80's. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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leon: "7 on your side" with health matters. today the f.d.a. approved a device that could bring
5:40 pm
concerns for arteries. the first stent that dissolves inside a body. but there isn't proof that the device is safer than the older metal implants. clogged arteries is the leading cause of death in the u.s.. michelle: cancer patient, survivors and friends mixed up colors and got to work today. part of paintfest america starting today at medstar washington hospital center. amy aubert caught up with the group this afternoon. >> we talk. that is what we do. >> this is all about catching up with good friends. >> we are family. >> we are surrounding by those who share the journey we share. cancer is cancer. >> tuesday those battling alongside survivors.
5:41 pm
survivors that i have. >> a story told with each stroke of paint. >> it does look orangeer. >> paintfest america kick off tuesday to brighten the day of the patients, staff and families hitting 50 states in 50 days. >> events like these are the therapy. it can help you connect with who you are as a person. >> the paintings are donated locally and across the country. >> your mind is off, the pain and the suffering and you see the beautiful paint and your mind goes. >> for the survivors. >> smile. >> yes, ma'am. >> those still under going treatment is a way too add colorful story to what was once a blank canvas. next to those who perhaps might know the journey too well. >> we are survivors. we are more tha
5:42 pm
>> amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- side on your side to help you ask the pet trainer. call us at 703-236-9220. to reach one of the experts we've got. michelle: you may find change in a washer or drier but nothing that adds up to what they find at airport security. what happens to it all? the item investigates next.
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jay: this is jay korff with a live breaking news. we just got done with a briefing with the spokesperson. there is a t.d. bank. we are told at 3:25 the bank robbery occurred now. what is critical about what occurred is that authorities say that the bank robber had a backpack on him and claimed to have an explosive device inside backpack, demanded money. got the money and fled with the undisclosed
5:46 pm
and dropped it right outside the front entrance. as you can see as we zoom in, there is a robotic device right now is going through the back pack to make sure that everything is okay. of course, everyone is hoping there is not a bomb inside. authorities evacuated the entire mall over there. subway, c.v.s. and a safeway. the other issue is a huge traffic problem. sections of highway 50 in this area have been shut down. for more on that we go to the track reporter jamie sullivan. jamie: of course, we have seen the closures in place and it is causing big delays. start off with the waze map. best to join the traffic group to get around this. the red and the white stretch indicates the closure. this is in the area of 7 corners near the home depot. this is leesburg pike. this is blocked off. this is right here near patrick henry drive. the whole area blocke
5:47 pm
you can see the dots that are popping up, the wisers are talking about how clo -- waze talk about how slow we are. four miles in some area. traveling to falls church, on route 50, you do not want to take it this evening. let's go ahead and move to the mapping system and talk about the alternate route. wilson boulevard. a lot of people seeing heavy traffic, traveling along wilson boulevard. it's basically a parking lot. this whole area best to avoid right now. if you are traveling 395, not bad. we have roadwork to go into place tonight and the freeway. heads up for those traveling this evening. back to you. michelle: thank you for that. if flying doesn't cost enough. "7 on your side" investigation learned travelers in the d.c. region are leaving tens of thousands of dollars behind every year. at the security check points. where does it go? chris papst ha
5:48 pm
chris: if you have flown lately you know it's expensive. the tax and the fees add up. so does the loose change. the pennies, nichols and the quart -- nickels and the quarters people leave behind at security. >> i would guess over a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. >> two or three million dollars. >> how about somewhere in the middle. federal numbers show in 2015 the t.s.a. collected $765,000 in loose change. nearly twice the amount from 2008. >> wow! that is a lot of money. chris: locally, reagan national pulled in $11,000. b.w.i., $13,000. dulles topped the list at $22,234. so what does the government do with the money? well, it keeps it. in a statement, the t.s.a. toll the i-team unclaimed money directed to critical aviation security programs. such as
5:49 pm
>> there was a bill to number unclaimed cash to millionaire charities. >> it's not their money. >> it passed in the house and stalled in the senate. the eight-term republican said we pay for security like precheck in taxes and fees. adding the unclaimed money to the budget and spending it, miller says the taxpayer is paying twice. for one service. >> adds they examine the fed's data we noticed strange inconsistencies. the nation's busiest airport atlanta collected just $9,000 in loose change last year. the second largest in los angeles collected
5:50 pm
>> keeping the eyes on the skies. metro area and a few clouds. >> so for most of the region, warm and muggy. a great night to eat outside. across the river to charles and the st. mary's county. that is the track for most of the activity. a chance of isolated shower elsewhere. later it will come to an end. in the 70's overnight. tomorrow is hot and cloudy. hot and humid day. afternoon shower south of the metro. that is the story working for the next few days. check out the highs.
5:51 pm
93 on thursday. 95 friday and saturday. but it will feel somewhat warmer than that. because the moisture levels. we get a break on sunday. less heat and humidity. that will continue to next week. find out what is happening in sports on tuesday with erin. erin: thank you, doug. after he lost his leg during an army training exercise, herndon's jason turned to bobsledding. now he is a world champion. tonight scott abraham takes us to fairfax county for this week's rising star. scott: hydration time in vienna. 38-year-old jason is an adapted athlete. >> i legitimately decided to roll with the punches and just deal with it from day one. >> march 2002. while stationed in fort drum, jason's life changed forever. during a routine field exercise. >> two artillery rounds landed off the
5:52 pm
and the other to my right. >> his left leg had to be amputated. >> i never had a why me or woe is me moment. you train as you fight. >> it's amazing sometimes how life comes full circle. today he symps our country as a different fashion. representing the united states as a bobsledder. he hopes that his journey is the perfect example when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. >> it's just part of how he lives his life. >> he is is wearing an american flag on his uniform. a different uniform. >> using cross fit to get ready for next season. >> i want the kids to understand when you have adversity, you move on. you don't dwell on it. scott: displaying a
5:53 pm
spirit to overcome any obstacle. scott abraham, abc7 sports. erin: do you know somebody in the d.m.v. overcoming adversity to star in athletic arena? we want to hear from you. contact us at the e-mail. he was strong mentally and physically. >> doing it on one leg. >> amazing. >> awesome stuff. you can't make any excuse for not working. >> that's it. >> thank you. >> the technology has been around since the 1950's. but it could turn into a real 221st century problem.
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i'm dr. katie nelson, veterinarian and we're on the on your side phone bank. we have ask the trainer going on tonight. we have dog
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trainer, all here taking your questions. 703-236-9220. we're here until 6:30 p.m. give us a call. michelle: in april, the f.b.i. and the department of homeland security issued report details threat to the power grid. one potential threat the use of electromagnetic device to shut off power to millions. jeff barnd looks at the possible risk. jeff: cell phones, computers, transportation and water systems connected to the nearly 500,000 miles of transmission lines traversing the u.s. if a foreign enemy injects e.m.p. in the u.s. power grid either by bomb or hacking the results would be cataclysmic. >> is it a problem? >> you bet it's a problem. i'm afraid it's a kill shot. >> there are three major sectors of the power grid. eastern, western, and the texas interconnections. the department of energy says 125 million u.s. households rely on the network da
5:58 pm
the grids with an e.m.p. it can release a seismic burst of energy. trying all the circuits in a massive radius of ground zero. without clean water experts say millions of americans could die of dysentery and cholera in weeks. >> stock plans like stockpiling emergency generators are in place but in many cases that is futile. because knocking out a grid could be the first of the pro-prong attack. >> i shut out the power grid and the lights in the city and i have a secondary attack whether it's a bombing. i create chaos on top of chaos. >> we have said to them over
5:59 pm
mount that attack on the united states we could consider that an act of war. >> in washington, i'm jeff jeff barnd, news. michelle: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, the big decision that could affect the race for the white house. >> no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> why the f.b.i. recommends no criminal charges against hillary clinton. and the political fallout already underway. plus how the f.b.i. was able to thwart what it's calling a plan to carry out a fort hood style attack in virginia. the two big decisions that could give a big boost to local commuters. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. maureen: we begin with the breaking news from the seven corners area of fairfax county. that is where a bank robbery turned into an investigation into a suspicious
6:00 pm
shut down part of highway 50. jay korff is live with where things stand now. jay? jay: literally within the last few seconds i got an update from fairfax county police spokes pep. -- spokesperson. the t.d. bank on the other side of 50. the robot was doing its job for the last 20 to 30 american. -- 20 to 30 minutes and completed the task and they decided to open 50 in both directions. we asked if the concern was over but they said not yet. the bomb squad folks want to do testing on what they found inside the back pack. to back up, this started around 3:30. authorities say a man, a white male in his 50's, six-feet tall, thin, gray hair and a ponytail went in the bank with the back pack. claimed there was an explosive inside. fled with the money and dropped the backpack outside the t.d. bank causing the big problem. they had to eva


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